The making of “Can’t Take My Heart”

I’m a songwriter. And sometimes songs come out of me and it’s not quite what I intended, but what the song demanded. A few years ago a song came to me. One of my good friend’s battle with cancer took a turn for the worse. This followed several other friends having run ins with cancer and my beloved aunt having died from it years before. The song that came to me was –  “FU Cancer!”. Continue reading


I gotta be honest. I’m just not going to write on this blog much in the near future. Why? Because I have a NEW BLOG that I’m calling Can’t Take My Heart: Musings on Life, Cancer, and Everything in Between. Why? Because I want a separate blog for my cancer journey. Don’t worry, I talk about life outside of cancer, too!  So, if you want to stay up to date, I’d recommend subscribing to the new blog – this older one’s gonna be pretty quiet till I’m through with all this cancer stuff.

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What? Wait a second, what’s this about cancer? Did I miss something?

In October of 2014 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, called Anal Mucosal MelanomaOnly 1 in 2.5 million people get it. Let’s just say there aren’t enough of us to form a team for a walkathon. The tests showed it hadn’t spread – I’m in good shape. I had me some surgery, a month of radiation, and am now 3 months into chemo. The treatments have not been fun, but I’ve learned a ton over these months and have enjoyed celebrating the moments of respite and all the blessings I have. The cancer journey has opened the creative floodgates for me: check out the NEW SONG (Can’t Take My Heart (FU, Cancer!), video blog, and music video (to be released Tuesday, May 19th). 

Thanks for checking in… More soon!

Coming Soon! Allison’s new single “Can’t Take My Heart” & music video!

Well, the last 5 months have been quite a journey. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, called Anal Mucosal Melanoma. I have been undergoing lots of treatments that have cut into my social and performance schedule. BUT, cancer can’t take my heart. Here’s a few ways I won’t let cancer cramp my style:

I’ve got a new blog about my cancer journey going that you can subscribe to. (Working Title: Can’t Take My Heart: Musings on Life, Cancer, and Everything in Between). Don’t worry, I talk about life outside of cancer, too!  So, if you want to stay up to date, I’d recommend subscribing to the new blog – this older one’s gonna be pretty quiet till I’m through with all this cancer stuff.

I’ve written a song called “Can’t Take My Heart (F U, Cancer!)” and we will have it available HERE for download. There are censored and uncensored versions available. After medical expenses, 10% of proceeds will go to mucosal melanoma research.

AND we’ve got the “Can’t Take My Heart” music video on the way! Share it away. The video will be published on my soon to be published YouTube channel along with my new video blog.

Thanks for checking in… More soon!

INDI ROCKS! BENEFIT CONCERT 9/14, 1-5pm Old Dog Tavern, Kalamazoo

Hello Friends!

I am helping to raise support for my 7-month old friend, Indi Stroven – She’s the miraculous, awesome daughter of our dear friends Jen & Chris Stroven, who was born at 2.5 lbs. with multiple challenges that required her to stay in NICU for 5 months. She still has several surgeries and care taking needs in her future and we are trying to help cover some of these expenses through a number of fundraising efforts:

1. The INDI ROCKS! BENEFIT CONCERT at Old Dog Tavern in Kalamazoo, MI on Sunday, September 14th from 1-5pm.  Indi Rocks Benefit Concert 9/14This family friendly concert (w/kids activities) will include some of Michigan’s top bands: The Red Sea Pedestrians, The Corn Fed Girls, and Red Tail Ring. John Austin and I will play a set as well! (Suggested Donation: $25 adult / $5 kids). Check out the Facebook evite!

2. GoFundMe site: And you can buy advance tickets (real or virtual for you out of town folks) and donate to the cause at the Fundraising Website:

3. Silent Auction:  Participate in the Silent Auction that will be posted in advance at the GoFundMe site soon!

And though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare 

More Information about the Cause:

As a community, we have witnessed Jen and Chris Stroven celebrate great triumphs and endure perilous tribulations during the last couple of years. From Jen being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, and that limiting her ability to carry a child safely, to Chris’ amazing niece stepping forward to be their gestational carrier. And this year, their miracle baby Indi was born. 

However, this blessing came with significant challenges. Indi was born 10 weeks early at 2 lbs. 5 ounces, and was also diagnosed with VACTERL association, a constellation of birth defects requiring multiple surgeries and ongoing medical interventions. As a result, Indi spent her first five months of life in the NICU, an hour from the Stroven’s home. 

Through it all, Jen and Chris have been brave and resilient and have taken each challenge head on. They are so deeply loved by us all; our fantastic community has rallied around them with love and support, offering prayers, meals, and care for Indi’s big sister Mia, and more. 

And yet, there remains a growing financial burden. We would like to help offset the debt they have incurred (from hospital bills, travel expenses, childcare and the like), and help them prepare for future expenses. 

We hope to see you there and thank you for your support! 
The Stroven Friend Network