I am a storyteller. I see the world through the lens of story. I am keenly attuned to the pivotal moments, the essential components and letting everything else go. The moments you would linger on in a telling. The ones you would describe with salient details, eliciting the senses. I become aware of the preciousness of the moments. The transitional moments, the beat changes. The “before the news,” after the knowing. The shift in world view, in perspective.

Stories are not the experience. Stories are the crafting, the molding of those experiences into a thread of meaning. Storytelling is an act of creating our view of life. Reframing the past to impact your who you are today.

So… I think – what is this story? Is this the story of my decline? Is this the story of my death? I intend this to be the story of my transformation. The story of obstacles overcome, of discoveries, of awareness, of precision focus and clarity. The story of gratefulness for so many blessings. I don’t know the end of this story. I’m at the beginning.

I have experienced the transformational power that crafting my stories of the past can have. But what about crafting the story of the present? That is what I am doing in The Asshole Diaries.

The people who know me remind me of who I am. I am a storyteller and this is my story of transformation.

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