Allison is a Storyteller, Singer-Songwriter, Writer and Educator. She believes in the power of story, song and the arts to build community, and teach us about ourselves. She loves to write and sing, tell stories, listen to stories, and help people tell their stories. Here you’ll find CD’s, podcasts, a blog, upcoming events and what Allison can do for you (in terms of performances and workshops, that is). Oh, and more about Allison than anyone could ever want to know. Thanks for visiting! Update: The latest story I’m telling is my journey living well through cancer. I’m chronicling my experiences at my new BLOG. I am starting a new video blog on my YouTube channel as well, and am launching the site with my new song “Can’t Take My Heart.” Please stay tuned.

NEWS: Songwriters Trio @ Paw Paw Playhouse, Saturday, October 21st 7pm! I’m thrilled to share the stage with stellar Michigan songwriters: Andy Baker & Ed Dupas! Come join us for a happy night of swapping stories & songs. 

Love Music? Hate Cancer?

Listen to Allison’s NEW SONG: “Can’t Take My Heart!”
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canttakemyheart_thb I started writing the song years ago when my friends were battling cancer and finished it days before I started my own chemotherapy. “Can’t Take My Heart” is an expression of empowerment over cancer – something I want to share with anyone else dealing with the devastating effects of this disease. If this message could give a lift (or even a laugh) to someone you know, buy this song for them or send them the link. Alternate versions are available for more sensitive ears.(Here’s the STORY behind the song.) 10% of proceeds go to mucosal melanoma research.

Check out the new Music Video of the Song “Can’t Take My Heart!”

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The making of “Can’t Take My Heart”

I’m a songwriter. And sometimes songs come out of me and it’s not quite what I intended, but what the song demanded. A few years ago a song came to me. One of my good friend’s battle with cancer took a turn … Continue reading

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