Allison is a Storyteller, Singer-Songwriter, Writer and Educator. She believes in the power of story, song and the arts to build community, and teach us about ourselves. She loves to write and sing, tell stories, listen to stories, and help people tell their stories. Here you’ll find CD’s, podcasts, a blog, upcoming events and what Allison can do for you (in terms of performances and workshops, that is). Oh, and more about Allison than anyone could ever want to know. Thanks for visiting!


Happy … uh, Spring?! Dare I say it?! I feel kind of like the grass in my yard squinting at the sun – aching for Spring but not wanting to be burned (of frozen) again! But I have hope! See a couple of weeks ago….


and then… April Fool’s Day.


Congratulations to the winners of the WMU Business Pitch Competition 1st place winners… The Dolly Extractors







And the 2nd place Winners, Savvy Rental Dress Company… Thank you for participating in the Storytelling for Business workshop at WMU!


Latest News

Radio Story aired Friday, 7:30am during Morning Edition on WMUK radio!

Friday, April 11th, 7:30am -  WMUK (NPR, 102.1 FM, www.wmuk.org) aired our 2nd radio documentary story in our series about LGBT identity and acceptance during Morning Edition.  We rushed to get it done to line up with the Day of Silence, an annual day of … Continue reading

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